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We help entrepreneurs launch, grow and build a profitable business online

About WCI Work Philosophy

Our Philosophy

WCI is focussed on helping small businesses and startup entrepreneurs like you to do meaningful work and build a business they love. A business that not just barely makes it by every month, but gives you the freedom and lifestyle you always wanted, support your families and create job opportunities.

We firmly believe in entrepreneurship and love to work with individuals who take an idea and bring it to life with their dedication and hard work. So if you have an idea you absolutely believe in and committed to building a business around it, we can help you. Together we can discover new possibilities your idea can bring up and how it can positively change lives and your local community.

Even if it means creating the best pizza in your town.

But building a business is not easy!

So why do it alone?

Especially in this digital age when it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with new technologies, strategies, and platforms releasing almost of every month. As a business owner, it’s difficult for you to stay on top of all the latest strategies, decide if it will work for your business, then apply it, and even measure results.

Doing all of these and all the while giving your best service to your customers is super daunting and the number one reason why most businesses fail within few years of inception. 

But what if you could have a digital partner who would do all the heavy lifting and identify the right strategies to launch, market and grow your business. Someone who can take your ideas put expert marketing knowledge into it and build a brand that not only stands out online but also generate customers every day.

Wouldn’t it be life-saving? 

And that’s where WCI comes in!

At WCI, we give you everything you need to launch your business or organization, attract potential customers and grow at a steady pace every month, without spending a fortune. We create high-value service packages for business launch, online marketing & lead generation, business redesign & branding; that brings together the best of online strategies and industry best practices into one unbeatable package at a highly competitive price point.

Our packages are so good you would be wondering why didn’t you find us before!


Our Clients

Justin Nimergood - WCI Client
K-Tad Learning Solutions - WCI Client
TLM Academy - WCI Client
IKG Global Consultants - WCI Clients

How WCI Started


Website Creators Inc ( aka WCI ) is a branding and online marketing company agency created by me i.e. Atifa Parveen Ahmed. Freshly graduated from college in 2012 with a B-Tech in Biotechnology, I found myself jobless due to lesser job opportunities in life sciences. I needed a job quickly and started looking online for work. I did a few writing gigs back in college and knew my way around online job portals, so I started applying for work.

During this time, I discovered web design and online marketing and was amazed to find how it empowered small businesses to attract wider customer base without spending a fortune. Even though web design, branding, and marketing was all foreign to me and never studied any of this in college, I knew I had to do this. I had found my truly calling. I spent the next few months learning web design skills, graphic design, branding and online marketing strategies from the best names in the industry. And eventually, after working on different freelance projects to hone my skills, I went on to create Website Creators Inc or WCI a year later in March 2013.

Fast forward five years, WCI has grown over to 100 Clients across the world and completed some amazing projects during this period. Many of my clients went on to become friends and have ended up building strategic partnerships with me. These partnerships have allowed me & WCI to work on different challenging projects and launch many highly targeted services.

5 Things You Should know about Us

1. We love working with individuals who are full of energy and passionate about their work.


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All our services are focussed on providing you the highest value and helping you build a profitable business using online marketing and lead generation strategies. If you would like to chat about our services or simply want to talk to us about your business goals, drop us a message below and we will get back to you within 24 business hours. This is completely free with no obligation.

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At WCI we help Small Businesses, Startup Entrepreneurs and Coaches launch their dream business, rebuild their existing brand, generate sales and grow with online marketing and lead generation strategies.


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We would love to hear about your business idea or organization and the great things you want to do with it. 

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