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WCI Online Business Launch Packages are crafted for solopreneurs, small businesses, and coaches who want to start a PROFITABLE BUSINESS ONLINE but don’t have the time to learn and do everything yourself nor the resources to hire multiple designers & developers to build it for you.

In short, these are ALL-IN-ONE packages that can make your business go from ZERO to LAUNCH in just ONE month!

But before we dig deep into how awesome these packages are, a little background story first…

My name is Atifa, and I am the founder of WCI.

It’s been about five years since I have been working with business owners and entrepreneurs around the world, helping them start or redesign their business using advanced online marketing strategies.

In these five years, I have come across one basic fact common to many of my clients and business owners in general.

No matter whether they are starting a business from their home or organizing a business event, or even promoting a cause; most business owners either don’t have a huge budget or time to invest while starting out.

Many of these individuals are already juggling between full-time work, attending college or caring for the family full time while trying to start a business on the side.

And due to these constraints, when it comes to building their Business Online Presence, they invest their resources on just the bare minimum. Maybe a website using a free builder, a facebook page or a logo that some friend/cousin designed for free!

Some even try doing it themselves, by following tutorials on youtube or signing for courses online.

And after weeks & months of trying many end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated for not making the progress, they would like.

But inspite all these sincere efforts, the bottom line remains the same most of the times.

The online presence that they built for their business is no way optimized to bring them a steady flow of qualified leads every day.

Now, I don’t need to tell you that the INTERNET is a MASSIVE MARKET and as a business owner you have the POWER (and responsibility) to put your business in front of thousands (if not millions) of prospect customers at your fingertips.

But sadly, most business owners give very little importance to this crucial part of their business while starting out and simply leave money on the table without even knowing.

And as an online marketing strategist, it was infuriating for me to see how successful a business could be if only they could get their online presence on point.

After years of feeling frustrated, I knew I needed to do something about it.

I decided to create an affordable solution that will help first time entrepreneurs launch their business online with all bells and whistles but without burning a hole into their pocket or having them learned 101 new strategies every month.

After eight months of research and endless iterations, I created these packages which I believe, have the power to make you launch your business in less than a month.

I call them WCI Online Business Launch Packages!


WCI Business Launch Packages


Alright now since you know how I went about creating these packages, let’s dig deeper now.

So what exactly do these packages contain?

When starting out, my aim was to create an ultimate package that any business owner will need ever need to launch a business online.

I wanted to create a package, containing the exact strategies used by advanced online marketers to built powerful brands and lay the foundations of million dollar business; but at a fraction of a cost.

And now with WCI Online Business Launch Packages, every Entrepreneur can use those same strategies to launch their business online with a BANG!

The packages specifically include:

♦ Brand Identity Design

♦ Website Design

♦ Email Marketing

♦ Social Media Branding & Marketing

♦ Video Creation & Marketing

♦ Search Engine Optimization

♦ Hosting and Support

What makes these packages even more incredible is that they are constantly updated with new  strategies and features that have been proven to help entrepreneurs create a successful brand.

One Package – THREE LEVELS

WCI Business Launch Packages are strategically broken down into three levels – each catering to business owners of different types.



WCI Online Business Launch Levels

Separating the Main Business Launch Package into Three Levels has helped me pick the right features for each business type which in turn bring down the costs.

For example: if you are starting a small local business, you won’t need eCommerce facility on your website, so why pay extra for it? And if you are a Coach, you will probably need an online appointment setting facility that syncs to your calendar, while an entrepreneur with an online store doesn’t, right?

Not a cookie-cutter design

Now, when I say BUSINESS LAUNCH PACKAGE, I am not talking about template based website with one-size fit all approach.

After creating business branding for over a hundred companies in last few years, I firmly believe that your business branding should be an extension of your personality and business vision while taking into account your target customers problems, wants and desires.

With WCI Online Business Launch Packages, I strictly create your business branding and marketing that is completely customized to your suit your business vision.


Instead, I take a four-step approach, where we together define why you want to start a business, what is your business USP, research your competitions and target audience, and identify the marketing strategies that will be best for your business.

Every item/feature on the package is built from scratch for you, to suit your business needs, industry, and target audience.

How would you like emails coming in, appointments being booked and sales happening on auto-pilot?

By now you know how important it is to get your business online presence right from the start.

But did you know, without a monthly marketing strategy, having a fabulous online presence won’t guarantee you a steady stream of leads?

Everyday prospect customers are searching online for exact products and services that you offer, and you have to make sure that they find your business before your competitors.

And WCI Online Business Launch Packages makes this easier for you.

After your business is launched, you get 30 days FREE access to our Online Marketing and Lead Generation program.

This program includes content creation (blogging, lead magnets, reports), landing pages with multiple sale funnels, social media marketing, email marketing, online marketing campaigns, press releases, video creation, and more.

And this is how the program is implemented: after we gather in-depth insights on your target audience, competitors, and build a powerful online presence around it; we get down to decide your monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.

Together, we create a 30-day growth strategy to be implemented in the first month after launch to achieve your business goals.

So you now can launch your business online without any hassle and also have a 30-day marketing plan in place to get your phones ringing and sales coming in. You can’t get a better deal than this, can you?

That’s not it, we have more AWESOMENESS in store!!!

As a part of our Non-Profit Initiative, you even have the option to launch your business or organization online for FREE.

Yes, you heard it right, no setup fee, no extra cost, nothing at all!!!

Just completely free.


Every month I select one entrepreneur or a group or organization, who is trying to start a business or promote a cause but is tied down due to finances, and give them a business launch package for free.

All you have to fill in your entries and I will get in touch if you are selected. I plan on featuring every month winner on this blog, so you get to know who won.

Interested in launching your business for FREE?

With WCI, you not only launch your business, but you also get to support a cause and help someone in need

Picture courtsey Cry International

When you purchase any of WCI Business Launch Package, I give away 5% of the total package value towards any of our selected non-profit organizations.

From women’s health to child education to water crisis, you can select any of the organizations fighting for these causes internationally, to give your donation. 

But there is a catch!

Ok, you saw this coming right?

So much value at such an affordable cost; it’s too good to be true. There has to be some catch somewhere!

There is but in a good way! 🙂

The only thing I want you to know before investing in any of the WCI Business Launch Packages is that these are not some quick get rich scheme.

It’s not like as if you bought the package, built your online presence, did a little bit of online marketing; and boom you have customers flying in from every door. It doesn’t work that way!

You should be ready to put in six months to one year of dedicated work to build a successful business and see the phenomenal success you always dreamt off.

Sure, with your online presence and marketing on point, you will have a tremendous edge over your competitors and a great boost to your overall brand image but you still have to work hard to give the best services and products to your customers.

I am saying this because I don’t want you to be under the impression that since “I have a great online presence, I could go easy on my services or products.

Offering the best experience to customers every time is the key to successful businesses, and your’s is no different.

So if you think, you are ready to fully commit yourself to build the most amazing business of your life, then go ahead and sign up for WCI Business Launch Package and I will see you on the other side.

But if you are on the edge with your business idea, and most likely to slack off after few months of work or even complain of not seeing results, then I suggest wait for some time unless you are fully ready to go all in. You will be doing a great favor to both yourself and me!

Final thoughts…

Creating WCI Business Launch Packages was a labour of love for me.

I wanted to create an affordable solution for upcoming entrepreneurs, that will enable them to focus their time and resources on offering their best services or creating the best products for their customers, all the while using the advanced online marketing strategies to amplify their efforts 100X.

And I believe, I have been quite successful.

The packages speak for themselves.  There is no way, you could get so much value with exceptional quality for such small investment.

Despite all the good stuff, the most valuable thing here I believe is the individual attention every Client gets while signing up for any of the packages.

Since, I only accept a handful of Clients every month (not more than 6) so you can be sure you will be working with Expert one-on-one and build your business.

You can think of me, as a virtual business partner with whom you can brainstorm your ideas, think of new business strategies and plan your business growth.

When you sign up for any of WCI Business Launch Package, you will have an Expert handling and creating the most awesome online presence for your business, while you focus on knocking socks off of your customers with your incredible services or products.

Sounds like a fair deal, right? Great.

Click below to select your WCI Online Business Launch Packages and get started on building your business today!

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Are you unhappy with your current business branding and desparately looking to revamp it? Has your website not been updated for a couple of years and no longer serves your business growth and vision.

Would you love someone to redesign your complete business branding from website to social media and create an active blog?

Would you want your new website to attract leads and convert them to customers?


Do you have this idea in your mind for an online business which you want to discuss? You think it might work well, and would love to get some free professional advice.

Well, guess what, I can help you.

At WCI, I hold three free 15 min consultations per month for new and exsiting small business owners and entrepreneurs. We get on Skype and discuss your idea, and I give you free advice on how you can use online marketing strategies or tools to grow and implement your idea.

Sounds good?


At WCI we help Small Businesses, Startup Entrepreneurs and Coaches launch their dream business, rebuild their existing brand, generate sales and grow with online marketing and lead generation strategies.


Brand Identity
Website Design
Social Media 
SEO & Lead Generation
Online Marketing
Video Creation & Marketing


We would love to hear about your business idea or organization and the great things you want to do with it. 

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